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Drunk Drivers Through the Holidays

Car Accidents

person driving while holding a beer bottleThe period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is known throughout the law enforcement community as the year’s busiest time for drunk drivers.  Starting with Black Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, which is one of the most active bar and restaurant days of the year and lasting throughout December and peaking on New Year’s day, there is a significant jump in drunk driving-related accidents.

Drunk Drivers are a serious threat to our safety.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there is an average of 36 alcohol-related accident fatalities per day during the year.  During the holidays, starting with Black Wednesday, the number jumps to 45 deaths per day.  The peak happens during the New Year’s Day holiday, with an average of 54 fatalities per day.

In the time between Christmas and New Year’s, historically, 40% of the accidents involved a drunk driver.

New Year’s Day is the most dangerous day of the year for pedestrians.  According to the AAA, more pedestrians are killed on New Year’s Day than any other day of the year.  On New Year’s Day, the chance of a vehicle hitting you is 1.7 times greater than normal.

Drunk Driver Related Car Accidents cause catastrophic injuries.

Accidents caused by drunk drivers can leave victims with fatal or catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injury.  These injuries could lead to a lifetime of care. Injuries lead to the inability to work or even live a healthy life with family and loved ones.

We hold Drunk drivers accountable for their actions.  Marc Albert works with the victims of drunk drivers and their families to pursue compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, pain & suffering, and emotional distress, among other damages.  If the driver has insurance, victims receive these damages from the driver’s insurance company.  When we show a driver acts with deliberate indifference to those around them, we seek Punitive Damages.

The Law Holds Drunk Drivers accountable.

Drunk drivers need to be held accountable for their recklessness and negligence.  Victims dealing with life-altering injuries or families coping with losing a loved one are going through a difficult and emotional time.  Marc Albert is a reliable and persistent legal advocate for victims and has been doing so for over 20 years.  His experience and track record of successful outcomes through negotiation and courtroom are recognized throughout the area.  Marc has offices in Astoria, Queens, and Syosset.  When you work with Marc Albert, you are working directly with him.  You will be treated with respect and have the skilled legal representation required to get through this tough period.

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