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Road Rage and Aggressive Driving are Common Causes for Car and Pedestrian Accidents

New York drivers often grow impatient with traffic conditions or other drivers on the road, and they may act aggressively in response. Actions like tailgating, swerving in and out of lanes, and other maneuvers create dangerous conditions on the road, which can lead to severe accidents like rear-end collisions. Aggressive drivers who injure others should be held accountable for the losses that victims face.

The Law Offices of Marc S. Albert has vigorously and compassionately represented clients in New York City and on Long Island for over 25 years, achieving many million-dollar settlements and verdicts. If you have been injured by an aggressive driver, or a loved one has died because of a fatal aggressive driving accident, we can help you determine your legal options.

Dangers of Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is a factor in over half of all car accident fatalities nationwide, according to the American Automobile Association. Some common signs of an aggressive driver include:

  • Tailgating, which is when one vehicle follows too closely, and unsafely, behind another vehicle.
  • Speeding excessively, which often leads to more significant injuries due to the higher force of impact.
  • Changing lanes constantly and quickly without signaling or watching for other motorists.

When confronted with an aggressive driver, the NHTSA recommends avoiding engaging with them and reporting any aggressive actions to the proper authorities. Avoid a confrontation with the aggressive driver and any further aggressive actions or violence.

Holding Aggressive Drivers Liable for Injuries

Aggressive driving actions like speeding and tailgating increase the probability of serious, life-threatening injuries in an accident. Victims injured in an aggressive driving accident may pursue personal injury claims against a driver who has acted negligently.

If negligence is shown, victims can receive compensation for past and future medical costs, diminished earning capacity, lost earnings, and the pain and suffering associated with their injuries.

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Being injured, or losing a loved one, in an aggressive driving accident is an emotional experience, in which thoughts of legal action are secondary to recovery. Taking action is necessary to make sure that the losses associated with your injuries are covered by the parties responsible.

Marc Albert offers seasoned and compassionate legal representation to victims of aggressive driving accidents. The Law Offices of Marc S. Albert serves clients from offices in AstoriaBrooklyn, and Syosset. Contact our office online or at 855-252-3788 to discuss your possible claims with an attorney today.

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