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Side-Impact Accidents

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Side-impact accidents, also known as broadside or T-bone collisions, occur when one vehicle strikes the side of another car. These types of accidents can involve standard-sized vehicles, as well as motorcycles or trucks. Side-impact collisions can lead to significant injuries to those involved since the side of any vehicle does not offer the same protections as the front or back may, even when an accident occurs at lower speeds. Queens car accident lawyer Marc S. Albert assists with legal claims arising out of a side-impact crash holding negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

The Law Offices of Marc S. Albert has been offering dedicated and seasoned legal representation to people throughout New York City and Long Island for more than 20 years. Marc Albert has secured million-dollar awards on behalf of many injured clients. If you were involved in a severe side-impact accident, contact our office today to learn more about how we can help.

Injuries Sustained in Side-Impact Accidents

Unlike rear-end collisions, in which drivers and passengers may be kept safer by front airbags and the extension of a vehicle’s trunk, side-impact accidents are not subject to these protections. Many newer vehicles have side airbags, but a lot of older model cars, even those with front-impact airbags, do not have side impact protection. The lack of side impact protection makes people involved in these types of collisions vulnerable to more severe injuries, such as broken bones, shoulder injuries, brain trauma, spinal cord damage, and other life-altering conditions.

Many factors may contribute to causing a side-impact accident, which often arises from the carelessness of the striking driver. Some of the most common causes of side-impact collisions include:

  • Failure of one vehicle to stop at a stop sign.
  • A vehicle running a red light.
  • Making a left turn without ample time to avoid oncoming traffic.
  • Engaging in aggressive driving maneuvers.
  • Drivers distracted by a phone or other device.
  • Failure to yield the right of way.

If you suffer an injury in a side-impact collision, you may retain an attorney to pursue a personal injury claim against a negligent party to recover damages sustained as a result of their injuries.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable Through Legal Action

Negligence is the basis of Personal Injury Lawsuits. From a legal standpoint, an act is considered to be negligent when an individual or even an organization acts in a way as to cause an injury resulting in damages. Every motorist owes other road users a duty to act as a reasonable and prudent person would act when given the same, or similar circumstances. A driver who runs a red light, striking another vehicle with the right of way, would likely be found negligent.

In New York, even if a victim is partially, or even substantially, at fault for an accident leading to his or her injuries, damages from another negligent party are often still available. New York is a ‘pure comparative negligence’ state, which means that insurance companies distribute a proportion of responsibility for a crash. If a victim is found to be 50 percent at fault for an accident, they can still receive half of their losses from the other responsible party. Victims who prevail in their cases may receive compensation for past and future medical costs, diminished earning capacity, and lost income, as well as pain and suffering damages.

Contact a Queens Lawyer to Pursue Your Car Accident Case

Side-impact collisions often leave victims with significant injuries that require long recovery times, and sometimes they may even be fatal. Attorney Marc S. Albert understands that victims and families must focus on their recovery in the aftermath of a devastating accident. In the meantime, Marc Albert remains focused on preserving and advocating for your legal rights so that they may have the financial resources needed to aid in recovery. Our Queens-based firm assists clients throughout New York City and Long Island from offices in Astoria and Syosset. If you have been injured in a side-impact accident caused by a distracted or otherwise negligent driver and would like to learn more about your legal rights, contact our office today online or at 855-252-3788 to discuss your options.

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