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Construction Sites are Extremely Dangerous

Construction sites pose certain dangers that are not typically present in many other jobs. Heavy machinery and power tools are often needed to complete construction jobs, and workers are regularly placed in dangerous places such as scaffolds which increase the risk of serious injury from falls.

Due to the dangerous nature of this work, construction workers place their lives on the line on a daily basis. If wrongful death from construction accidents played a factor in your loved ones death, NYC’s personal injury attorney Marc S. Albert for a case evaluation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction accidents are more likely to result in death than any other type of workplace accident. In fact, more than 20% of workplace deaths occur at construction sites. When fatal construction accidents are caused by negligence, you may be entitled to hold the negligent party accountable through a wrongful death lawsuit.

New York wrongful death lawyer Marc S. Albert has seen firsthand the devastation that fatal construction accidents can cause to the victim’s family. With more than 15 years of experience handling these complex cases, Mr. Albert has the skills to protect your rights and hold the negligent parties accountable for the death of your loved one.

A Lack of Concern for Construction Site Safety

Most construction workers are very aware of the dangers inherent in this line of work and take the proper precautions to reduce the likelihood of an accident. However, there are often factors beyond their control which lead to serious construction site injuries. Defective equipment can cause an accident at any time, as can the careless mistakes of others.

Sadly, there are also many fatal construction accidents caused by the failure of contractors, supervisors, and property owners to maintain a safe working environment. These preventable injuries leave children without fathers and wives without husbands, placing a serious financial and emotional burden on the rest of the family. This negligence is simply unacceptable, and those responsible must be held accountable for their actions.

Experienced Construction Accident Wrongful Death Representation

With a strong track record of success which includes numerous multimillion dollar verdicts and settlements for his clients, Marc S. Albert has developed a reputation as one of the premier personal injury lawyers in the New York metropolitan area.

Mr. Albert spent nearly a decade running the personal injury and medical malpractice divisions of Seeger Weiss, a prominent New York City mass tort and personal injury firm. He brings this big firm experience to your case, increasing your chances of a successful outcome.

But when you work with Mr. Albert, you also receive unparalleled levels of personalized attention. He will be personally involved in every aspect of your case, providing you with compassionate legal guidance in your time of need. Mr. Albert is committed to helping you get back on your feet after this traumatic event.

While no amount of money will ever truly compensate you for the wrongful death of your loved one, the successful resolution of your case can have a tremendously important impact on your family’s future.

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