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Preparing Each and Every Case as if it Will go to Trial

Over 90 percent of personal injury cases settle before trial. What this means is that in over 90 percent of cases, at some point before the injured client appears in court with his attorney for a trial before a jury, an agreement is reached with the defendant or their insurance company specifying the amount that will be paid to the injured party in settlement of the case. That “amount” can vary significantly and is often impacted by the manner in which the plaintiff’s attorney has litigated the case.

An attorney who is pushing for a settlement in the early stages of the case is signaling to the other side that their goal is to settle the case, not try it. When the defendant or their insurance company observes the plaintiff’s attorney meticulously preparing a case for trial and knows that their fate will ultimately rest in the hands of a jury, it often prompts an offer that might not be forthcoming otherwise.

Experience Counts

Preparing each and every case as if it will ultimately go to trial is a philosophy that Marc S. Albert has lived by throughout his career. Even if a case is ultimately going to settle, it is critical for the other side to know that the plaintiff’s attorney poses a trial threat to maximizing recovery for the client. For cases that do proceed to trial, there is no more rewarding feeling for Mr. Albert than hearing a jury read a verdict that justly compensates his client for the serious injuries sustained.

Don’t Delay in Contacting an Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case


All personal injury and medical malpractice cases have filing deadlines called Statutes of Limitations. The failure to file your case within the applicable deadline can have the effect of forever preventing you from bringing a case. Because of this, it is critically important to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury and medical malpractice attorney soon after the event in question takes place.

Having an attorney on board soon after the happening of an accident is also critically important in obtaining or preserving evidence that will ultimately be critical in the case. Whether it’s directing a client to take photographs of an injury or an accident scene, directing them to maintain evidence that will ultimately be needed or guiding clients who they should and not be speaking to (such as an insurance company), having an attorney leading you through the initial steps of a case can pay significant dividends later on. At the outset of each case, Mr. Albert spends a great deal of time speaking with his client, guiding them and allowing them to avoid pitfalls that can have a detrimental effect on the personal.

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