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Failure to Yield Accidents

Car Crashes Related to “Failure to Yield”

yield signMotorists must follow the rules of the road while behind the wheel. As a driver, you must know when to yield the right of way to pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and other drivers. When a driver disobeys traffic laws, significant injuries and even fatalities can result. Queens and Syosset-based Car accident attorney Marc S. Albert represents victims of failure to yield accidents resulting in serious injuries or death. Our office will bring claims against the responsible party. We understand that your primary concern is recovering for your injuries. If you had lost a loved one in an accident, you are trying to grieve and come to terms with what has happened.

As you are healing, it may be necessary for you to lose time and money from work while the medical bills start to come in. In the event of a fatality, there are still medical costs as well as the expensive final expenses.

It is essential to explore the legal options available to you that may help to cover the expenses that arise.

The Law Offices of Marc S. Albert has represented New York City and Long Island clients for over 20 years in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. We can help you receive the compensation that you are entitled to obtain for your losses. If you have been injured, or a loved one has passed away due to a negligent driver, contact our office today to speak with Mr. Albert regarding your legal rights.

The New York Failure to Yield Law

An individual has the right of way when he or she has legal control of an intersection, a crosswalk, or another part of the road. Failure to yield accidents occur when one motorist, pedestrian, or bicyclist does not adhere to the proper right of way. In New York, all vehicles must yield to others in the following situations:

  • Vehicles must yield to pedestrians crossing at a crosswalk;
  • In uncontrolled intersections, an approaching vehicle must yield to another vehicle that has already arrived at the intersection;
  • Vehicles making left turns must yield to others;
  • Vehicles merging onto a roadway or entering traffic from a parked position must yield to others already on the road;
  • Drivers turning across traffic must yield.
  • Additionally, when more than one vehicle approaches a four-way stop or an uncontrolled intersection at the same time, the left driver must yield the right of way to drivers to their right. If drivers are not adhering to these traffic rules, serious accidents and catastrophic injuries or deaths can result.

People who are responsible for causing harm to other motorists, pedestrians, or bicyclists should be held liable with the assistance of an attorney who is willing and able to pursue a case, even if it means litigating the case in court in front of a judge and jury.

Failure to Yield Accident Liability

When drivers are unreasonably careless on the road and cause another person’s injuries, they can be held legally accountable in a personal injury claim. A motorist’s failure to yield the right of way is often a sign that he or she has acted negligently. Drivers show negligence when they do not act as a reasonable and prudent person would under the same or similar circumstances causing that other person’s injuries. Drivers may fail to yield the right of way for a variety of reasons, from being distracted by a text to speeding or not knowing the rules. Regardless of the situation, when a driver’s negligence has led to injuries, the injured person is entitled to compensation for the losses incurred.

Damages available in personal injury claims may include past and future medical expenses, loss of income, lost earning capacity, and in some instances, pain and suffering. If you are injured, your main focus in the aftermath of an accident should be obtaining medical treatment. Consulting an experienced injury attorney is vital to ensure that your legal rights are preserved. In New York, these claims must be filed within three years from the date of the injury.

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Drivers who fail to follow traffic laws create unreasonable dangers for other motorists, as well as pedestrians and bicyclists. A failure to yield accident can lead to life-altering injuries for victims. Queens attorney Marc S. Albert assists victims and families in pursuing personal injury and wrongful death claims against people who have acted recklessly in causing a collision. Our firm represents clients across New York City and Long Island from our offices in Astoria and Syosset. If you need legal assistance following a car or truck accident involving a failure to yield, contact our office today online or at 855-252-3788 to learn more about how we can help.

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When I was seriously injured in a car accident, I didn’t know where to turn. I was confined to my home, couldn’t work and was being besieged with medical bills from doctors and hospitals. I feel so lucky to have found Marc and his firm. They took care of everything for me and allowed me to concentrate on my recovery. It put my mind completely at ease to know that Marc was handling me case. He held my hand through the entire process and I was ecstatic with the result. Marc is the very best at what he does!

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Marc, just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work on my case, the outcome of which I was extremely happy with. Your office was always helpful and patient in answering all my questions. I never felt like another “case” . I would most definitely recommend your firm to all of my friends and colleagues. Great job!

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Mr. Albert’s expertise was highly recommended to me. During the course of the case, Mr. Albert took the time to walk me through each step he was taking. I continually felt he cared about me and what I was going through. At the end, I was very pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend him.

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