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Personal Injury

Every day in New York, there are countless New York citizens that become innocent victims of crimes. These victims are often faced with a multitude of difficult questions that they simply don’t have answers to. Who is going to pay for their medical bills? How can they support their families if they are unable to work? Can they receive compensation for property lost or damaged by the intentional criminal act of another? There is help out there…you just need to know where to look!

The New York State Office of Victim Services was first established in 1966 with the goal of providing substantial financial relief to victims of crime and their families. This relief can be provided in the form of the payment of unreimbursed crime related medical or burial expenses, loss of earnings or support, counseling costs, the cost to repair or replace items of personal property, and reasonable transportation expenses. In my experience over the course of nearly two decades of working with injured victims of crimes, it is surprising how few New York citizens know about the existence of the Office of Victim Services. The reality is that year after year, countless thousands of victims of crimes don’t apply for services and help that they are entitled to.

The mission of the Office of Victim Services is to provide compensation to innocent victims of crime in a timely, efficient and compassionate manner; to fund direct services to crime victims via a network of community-based programs, and to advocate for the rights and benefits of all innocent victims of crimes. In order to be eligible for the benefits provided by the Office of Victim Services, the innocent victim must complete a Claim application and a HIPPA authorization form and forward the same to the proper authorities. An experienced attorney can be extremely helpful in facilitating this process. Under no circumstances should the attorney seek payment from the victim for any work done on their behalf.

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