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Boating Accidents Require Experienced Representation

Boating in the waters around Long Island and New York City is a prevalent pastime. Throughout the year, especially during beautiful spring and summer days, the waters around downstate New York can be as crowded as the Long Island Expressway during rush hour. When accidents happen, your first call should be to Boating Accident Attorney Marc Albert.

As with any personal injury lawsuit, you must show that your injury resulted from another person’s negligence.

Negligence in Personal Injury Law

Negligence is when someone fails to act with reasonable care, and as a result of that failure, you sustained an injury.

The most common causes of boating accidents are:

  • a collision involving two or more boats
  • a boat hitting the wake of another boat
  • hitting a wave
  • a boat hitting a submerged object, such as a rock, junk, or shallow ground

When there is a collision between multiple boats, the question of who is responsible can be difficult to answer. An operator injured in a boating accident can sue another operator. An injured passenger may file a claim against either or all of the operators involved in the crash. Consulting with an injury attorney after an accident is the best way to learn what your options are. Marc Albert offers free consultations to discuss your case.

On the water, there are safe boating practices that give certain craft the right-of-way. For example, motorboats must give sailboats an extensive berth as motorboats are faster, have more power, and are more maneuverable. A boating accident involving a motorboat and sailboat will most often be seen as the motorboat operator’s fault.

Boating Injuries caused by hitting the wake of another boat or a wave

It is the boat operator’s responsibility to watch for objects or conditions that could be a potential risk to the boat and its passengers. This includes watching for wakes or waves.

The difference between a wake and a wave is that a wake is created as a boat travels through the water, and a wave is naturally occurring. The difference is important to determine who is liable for your injuries and who is responsible for the compensation you deserve.

Looking at the Facts to Determine Who Was Negligent

Boating accident attorney Marc Albert handles all of his cases from the initial consultation through any potential settlement or jury verdict. There is no risk as personal injury cases are taken on contingency which means you do not have to pay unless you receive compensation.

As an experienced personal injury attorney with several multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts, Marc Albert is skilled at getting to the heart of the matter and bringing those liable for your accident to justice. When a boating accident leads to serious injuries, you are entitled to compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Hitting a submerged object

Even in the best of conditions, there is a risk of hitting a submerged object. When traveling in poor conditions with low visibility, there are things an operator can do to mitigate the risk:

  • travel at slower speeds
  • use nautical charts
  • use GPS

If an operator is doing his or her due diligence to remain safe and still hits a submerged object or runs aground, it may not be negligence. Sometimes, a boating accident is just an accident. Having an experienced personal injury attorney who understands boating accident laws will help determine if you have a case.

It can be challenging to determine and prove negligence in a boat accident. Boating accident victims need proper representation to get the compensation they deserve.

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A speeding boat that creates a wake in a speed-restricted area would be negligent and can be held liable for any injuries. If a wake is hit in open water, the negligence might be on the operator that hit the wake for not taking proper care.

Determining operator liability in terms of a wake or wave accident depends on several conditions, including:

  • The size of the wake or wave
  • the speed the boat was traveling
  • the visibility on the water
  • Boat traffic in the vicinity. Could the boat have safely maneuvered away?
  • Did the operator give passengers proper warning about conditions on the water or an approaching wake or wave?

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