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Unsafe Lane Changes, or Changing Lanes Without Looking Can Lead to a Serious Motorcycle Crash

When a motorist does not engage in safe maneuvers behind the wheel, serious accidents and injuries can result. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable when it comes to another careless driver since they are not protected by the structure of a motorcycle. Motorcyclists are more likely to be overlooked when a driver engages in an unsafe lane change, either without looking or when trying to cut another motorist off.

Unsafe lane change accidents can even be fatal to a motorcycle operator or passenger. Marc S. Albert offers compassionate and experienced legal representation to victims and families who have lost loved ones in a devastating collision. Drivers who act carelessly on the road should be held accountable for the harm that they cause.

Causes of Unsafe Lane Change Accidents

Every vehicle has at least one blind spot, and usually there are more. Blind spots refer to portions of a road that are not visible by the driver via any of a vehicle’s mirrors. Drivers who do not know where their blind spots are located or simply do not take the time to check them when changing lanes create unsafe conditions on the road. Some motorists may be aware of a motorcycle traveling in another lane but speed up to change lanes to pass them in a dangerous manner.

Any of these actions can lead to a serious collision, as well as injuries to those involved. A motorcyclist cannot control the reckless or careless actions of others around them, and accidents may result. Unsafe lane change collisions can cause injuries like traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, broken bones, and other injuries that require significant recovery times. When another driver is responsible for causing these injuries, they can be held accountable in a personal injury lawsuit.

Legal Action for Victims Injured in Unsafe Lane Change Accidents

Personal injury claims in New York are available for victims injured by another person’s negligence. Showing negligence requires a victim’s attorney to prove that the victim was owed a duty of reasonable care by the defendant, that duty was breached, and the breach caused his or her injuries, as well as resulting in damages. Every motorist owes others on the road a duty to act as a prudent and reasonable person would act under the circumstances. A driver failing to check his or her vehicle’s blind spots when changing lanes is acting unreasonably on the road. Motorcycle accident victims may be entitled to compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost income, loss of earning capacity, and pain and suffering damages.

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When a vehicle engages in a dangerous lane change, motorcyclists can be broadsided or struck from behind, leading to life-altering injuries. Marc S. Albert is committed to making sure that victims have as much support as needed to cope with the aftermath of a serious motorcycle accident. With over 25 years of experience, he understands what is necessary to succeed in a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a negligent party.

The Law Offices of Marc S. Albert assists residents across New York City and Long Island from offices in Astoria,Brooklyn, and Syosset, and we can help you determine your next legal steps. If you have questions following your motorcycle accident, or the loss of a loved one, contact our office today online or at 855-252-3788 to find out more about how we can help.

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