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The Holiday Horror: Why Festive Seasons Often Bring a Surge in Fatal Car Wrecks

Car Accidents

The festive holiday season is meant to be a time of joy and togetherness. However, it unfortunately also brings an increase in fatal car accidents across the country. Understanding why this happens and how to stay safe on the roads is crucial if you want to avoid being caught in an accident over the holidays.

More Drivers on the Road

One of the main reasons holiday seasons see a spike in deadly crashes is simple – there are many more drivers on the roads. During festive times like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve, people are often traveling long distances to visit family and friends. Airport traffic also increases as people fly out for vacations and to see loved ones.

With so many more people driving, the chances of an accident naturally go up. Roads and highways become more congested, especially during peak travel times. Impatient and distracted driving increases, as does speeding and reckless maneuvering in heavy traffic. Drunk driving incidents also surge with all the festive parties and celebrations.

Dangers of Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is one of the biggest contributors to the holiday increase in fatal accidents. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that during Christmas and New Year’s Day, almost half of all deadly crashes involve an intoxicated driver.

Alcohol severely impairs judgment, reaction times, coordination, and ability to focus. It is a deadly combination when mixed with driving. Holiday parties and family gatherings often involve generous drinking, increasing the risks.

Party Safely and Prevent Drunk Driving

If you are attending holiday celebrations where alcohol is served, make sure to have a plan to get home safely without driving impaired. Assign a designated driver, use a rideshare service, take public transportation, or book a place to stay overnight. Never let friends or family drive drunk either.

Staying Focused on the Roads

Driver distraction is another major problem around the holidays. People are often traveling unfamiliar routes to see family, which can cause stress. Emotions may run high with family dynamics. Drivers are frequently preoccupied and distracted thinking about holiday plans and tasks.

Focusing solely on driving is crucial for accident prevention. Avoid cell phone use, eating, or any other distracting activities when behind the wheel. Follow traffic safety laws and speed limits. Make an effort to be calm, patient, and focused while driving.

The holidays are for celebrating life and loved ones. With extra care and focus on the roads, we can help prevent needless tragedies and fatalities this season. Simply being aware of the increased risks, along with smart planning, can help keep everyone safe. By working together, we can make the holidays happy, not horrific.

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