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Head-On Collisions Lawyers

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A head-on collision is perhaps one of the most dangerous types of car accidents that could occur. There are a few different causes to the accident, and there are various ways that an attorney can handle the incident and the recovery for medical bills and other compensation after the accident. In many cases, there are severe injuries that leave victims unable to live a normal life or that result in high medical bills for physical therapy and other treatments that need to be received. In some head-on collisions, death is a possibility. Attorneys can seek compensation for the family to cover funeral expenses in this situation if the other driver is declared to be at fault.

One of the things that makes this kind of accident among the most dangerous is that the vehicles are headed for each other on the road. One car could swerve, but there is a risk of hitting another car, a building, a tree or another object that could result in damage to the car and injuries to the people in the car similar to what would occur if the driver wouldn’t swerve. Head-on collisions are responsible for about 10 percent of deaths that occur on the road. Everything from brain injuries to spinal cord injuries are seen with a head-on collision. At times, someone might be ejected from the vehicle because of the force of the two cars colliding.

Most people watch what they are doing while they are driving, which is what keeps head-on collisions at a low rate. However, there are a few reasons as to why this kind of accident would occur. Medical issues could arise in the car with a driver, resulting in veering to the other lane, which would cause two cars to collide. Another issue that is commonly seen with this type of accident is when a driver is texting or talking on the phone or distracted by something else in the car. The driver loses the attention of being on the road, which results in swerving to the other lane. If the driver is found to have been texting or doing something else in the car that would cause a distraction, then the driver would be charged. An attorney can assist the driver by possibly getting the charges reduced or getting any time spent in jail or on probation reduced if there are no other similar charges on the criminal background.

In many situations, it’s best to talk to an attorney before speaking with your insurance company so that you have an understanding of your rights and how to file the claim. If you are responsible for the accident, then you need to know what you are facing in the way of any charges or any settlement that might be in the future. When you talk to the insurance company, it’s best to have an idea of how many points will be added to your license and policy and if you are at risk of losing insurance coverage or your license depending on how severe the accident is and the injuries that are involved.

An attorney can talk to the insurance company on your behalf after the accident. The first thing that needs to be done is to determine who was at fault in the accident. The attorney will look at the information given by the officers at the scene as well as witness statements were taken after the accident. You need to be honest and open when talking to the attorney if you caused the accident. If you are a victim, then you need to give details about what was taking place with the other car before the impact, such as speeding or if you saw the driver move in the car. The reason for the attorney speaking to so many people is to try to get a grasp on what happened so that the case can be presented in the best manner in court. The judge will want to hear both sides of the case. One way to help determine who was at fault is to look at any security cameras that captured the accident.

In the event that both drivers don’t remember what happened, if both drivers died in the accident or if both drivers are injured to the point that they can’t talk to the attorney, then witness statements and police reports will come heavily into play. This is because the family of the victim would need representation as well for any kind of compensation. The attorney would look at the medical injuries that occur in the accident as this can sometimes be an indication of the speed of the cars and how the cars impacted each other. Medical expenses will be looked at as this information will help to determine the amount that is awarded to the victims.