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Proving Fault in an Accident in New York City

Personal Injury

When you are involved in any type of accident that results in personal injury, the responsible party will need to be identified for purposes of compensation. However, proving fault in New York City may not be as black and white as it first appears.

No-Fault Insurance

New York is one of a dozen states with no-fault insurance laws. This means that no matter who was at fault, your insurance company will pay up to $50,000 for any medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs for up to three years if you were in an accident. No-fault insurance covers the driver and the passengers. In many cases, this amount will only scratch the surface of what you may need for medical bills and other necessities.

Proving fault requires an extensive investigation from experienced personal injury lawyer Marc S. Albert. Mr. Albert will look into every aspect of your accident to build a solid case on your behalf and fight to get you every penny you are due.

Elements of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

To prove fault, attorney Albert must establish three things:

  • A third party was involved
  • Catastrophic injuries that will result in sufficient financial, emotional and physical damages were incurred
  • A third party’s actions caused your injuries

The final point is often the hardest to establish and is best left in the hands of an aggressive personal injury lawyer. Only with an attorney on your side can you be sure that fault is properly established and you are provided with the maximum compensation you are due.

If you have been injured in an accident in the New York metropolitan area, please call to schedule a free initial consultation today.