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Truck Driver Fatigue

Personal Injury

Driving while fatigued is always dangerous, but it is even more so when the driver is operating a semi-truck. The large size and weight of trucks make them more difficult to maneuver and stop during adverse driving conditions. As a result, truck drivers have very little margin for error and driving while fatigued is simply not an option.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), truck driver fatigue is a causal factor in 30-40% of all truck accidents, making it one of the most common causes of truck accidents on our nation’s roads.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has established strict regulations regarding the number of hours truck drivers are allowed to operate their vehicles. These include:

  • Truck drivers may not drive more than 11 hours in a day and must take a 10-hour break afterward
  • Truck drivers cannot drive more than 60 hours within a 7 day period or 70 hours within an 8 day period, and must then take at least 34 hours off before driving again

These laws are in place to reduce the risk of truck driver fatigue and make driving conditions safer for others sharing the road. Unfortunately, trucking companies often pressure their drivers into violating these hours of service limitations to improve profit margins. When these violations result in a truck accident, the injured victims may be entitled to receive compensation from the trucking company and/or the driver.

Marc Albert has more than 15 years of experience fighting for the rights of truck accident victims in the New York City area. He knows the complex state and federal trucking regulations governing these claims, and he can help you hold the negligent parties accountable for your damages. Mr. Albert’s strong track record of success, which includes numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements, will give you the greatest chance of maximizing the value of your compensation.

Please contact the Law Offices of Marc S. Albert today to schedule your free truck accident consultation. Mr. Albert serves clients throughout the New York City Metropolitan area from his offices in Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island.