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Pedestrian Safety near Construction Sites

Personal Injury

It is common to walk under scaffolding through a construction site. There is the old joke that New York would be a great place if they ever finished building it. When it comes to the construction workers on the site, there are laws in place as to how they may seek compensation if they are injured while on the job. There are very strict worker’s compensation laws and other laws that hold employers and owners accountable for certain injuries.

Pedestrian Safety near Construction Sites

If you are a pedestrian walking through the streets and are injured while passing a construction site, you are not bound by the employees’ laws on the site. If there was negligence that led to the circumstances that led to your injury, you could seek compensation from the person, persons, or company that was responsible and negligent.

Construction sites are dangerous places. In New York City, with its narrow streets and small blocks, to account for the desired office and residential space, the builders have to go up. As you go up, you need more specialized equipment such as cranes that will hoist heavy equipment and materials to the structure’s top levels.

Crane Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

Since 2007, at least five major crane accidents have led to several severe injuries and even fatalities. After several serious incidents and one fatality, a Long Island City-based company had 20 sites shut down.

As a pedestrian in New York, when a sidewalk is open or you are presented with a detour through a construction site, there is a reasonable expectation that the walkway is safe to pass through. There have been other cases where equipment or tools have been dropped without sufficient protection. The objects fell to the ground, causing injuries to passersby.

Walking through New York City is not for the faint of heart. Crowds of pedestrians flow down a street like a wave in the ocean. The expectation is that the roads are safe to pass through. Most New Yorkers do not think twice about passing under scaffolding. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and people are injured while passing by construction sites.

Seek Medical Attention, then Call Marc Albert

Take care of your health and injuries. An insurance company or one of their lawyers or representatives may contact you. Do not agree to or sign anything without speaking to your attorney first.

Marc Albert has vast experience working on cases that involve construction accidents. Marc Albert works on contingency. Contingency means that we do not get paid unless there is a settlement or a verdict on your case. Call us for a free consultation. Do not be intimidated by insurance companies to accept entirely inadequate compensation. You will speak with Marc directly, and he will be completely open with you regarding your case and your options. Call us today at 855-252-3788 and get the representation you deserve.