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How soon should I get a lawyer?

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One of the most common questions people have following a car accident is how soon they should hire an attorney. As personal injury attorneys, we see it all from minor accidents to major accidents in which lives are lost and families are forever changed. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, and it all depends on the specifics of your accident. The best answer we can give is to call as soon as you can, and we can discuss your case with you. Not all cases brought into our office are worthy of a lawsuit, and many people simply want to know how they go about finding out what rights they have. We can help you no matter what you need, and no matter the severity of your case. You should call an attorney as soon as possible, but there are many instances in which you might not do that right away.

The Accident

No one calls an attorney as soon as they are hit. Most people follow a general rule of thumb when a car accident occurs because someone else hit them. The police are called. The drivers take photos and get their stories to the police, and they ask people who witnessed the accident to stick around and tell their story. No one wants to be blamed for an accident, and everyone wants to be cleared of any wrongdoing.

While at the scene, you’re in shock and you must handle what should be handled right away. You might have children with you, you might have a job to call, a spouse to call, you need a car rental, a tow truck, and you need medical attention even if you assume you’re just fine. There are so many things to handle at the scene, we don’t recommend you call a personal injury attorney while you’re standing around. We do recommend you call when you get home and all is calm. You have rights, and we can discuss your case with you, advise you what to do next, and we can do all this without charging you anything for the initial consultation.

Maybe You Need An Attorney

If you aren’t injured badly, your medical bills are minor, and your car is being fixed by the other insurance company, you’re probably okay to handle things on your own. You might want to call an attorney if you have a settlement offer you’re unsure of, if the at-fault driver doesn’t appear to have insurance, or if you have any questions.

If you’re not sure what your rights are in a situation like this one or you feel the insurance company is not behaving as they should, you might call an attorney for some legal advice. We are here to help you figure out what to do next, and how to handle what’s going on in your life. This doesn’t mean you are required to file a lawsuit by any means.

You Definitely Need An Attorney

Unfortunately, there are serious accidents in which people are badly injured and lives change forever. If this happens to you, you need an attorney.

– Someone is killed
– Catastrophic injuries occur
– You are out of work
– You cannot go back to work
– You require lifelong medical care
– The at-fault driver is denying their role in the accident
– Your insurance won’t cover the costs associated with the accident
– A company is responsible for your accident

The purpose of a lawsuit following a car accident is to protect your financial future. It’s not to get rich so you can take elaborate vacations or enjoy your life to the fullest. It’s to protect you. Many insurance policies don’t cover catastrophic injuries, and the insurance company is not required to pay anything above their maximum allowance. If your injuries are serious and you have lifelong medical needs resulting from an accident, it’s time to call an attorney. These bills will become yours to pay, even if you have health insurance to cover some of it.

Someone else caused your accident and did this to you, and it’s not your job to fall on hard times financially because of the medical bills and loss of work. Some injuries might prevent you from ever working again or from going back into your own line of work. This means you might find it difficult to get another job that pays the same as you were making before, and your life is going to change. A lawsuit allows you to sue for damages that cover many things.

– Medical bills as a result of the accident
– Lost wages
– Diminished earning capacity
– Rehabilitation
– Funeral expenses
– Future medical care related to your car accident injury

There is no limit to what you might collect as a result of your accident, but you will need an attorney. You have many rights you have to enact before it’s too late, and you need the help of someone with experience handling personal injury cases. You don’t have the time to worry about the legal aspect of your case when you are busy recovering from your injuries. That’s our job. Let us handle the hard work on your behalf, and let us do the job that might help protect your financial future. Don’t wait to call an attorney following an accident.