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Falling Leaves Can Be Dangerous

Car Accidents

Falling Leaves Can Be Dangerous

The fall is a great time of the year for those who love to go and find beautiful landscapes to enjoy.  For photographers, the leaves turning different colors is a great opportunity to create some amazing pictures whether you are in Central Park in Manhattan or up in the Catskill Mountains where the trees make for some amazing vistas.

Those same leaves that are so great to look at become a serious issue when they finally fall from the trees.  Leaves covering sidewalks, roads, and railroad tracks create an extremely hazardous condition.

Leaves are a Slip and Fall Hazard for Pedestrians

As the autumn is also accompanied by quite a bit of rain and even the occasional snowstorm, the leaves on the ground become wet and slippery.  This is an obvious danger for people who are walking through the streets.  Home and business owners who do not clean the sidewalks in front of their homes and businesses are at risk of being made responsible for any injuries incurred due to unsafe conditions on sidewalks abutting their property.  The level of risk differs from town to town as the laws detailing who is responsible for safe passage can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

When it comes to driving, leaves create an environment where tires have absolutely no traction with the street.  When a driver hits the brake, the wheels will stop turning, but the wet leaves offer no friction, and cars and trucks will continue to slide forward, often out of control.

Car Accidents and Truck Accidents are a Risk with Wet Leaves on the Road

While most people know that leaves are hazardous for pedestrians and drivers, most do not know that leaves are a danger when it comes to trains as well.  Just as a car or bus that is trying to stop, when a train has to stop, a solid connection between the wheels and the tracks is vital.  Just as rubber tires, when metal wheels hit leaves, the lack of friction will cause the wheels to slide on the tracks.  Train operators are taught in these situations to start to brake much earlier and slower requiring a much longer time to stop or even slow down a long heavy train.  If a train operator has to deal with a hazard on the tracks such as a car or a pedestrian, stopping quickly could simply be an impossible thing to do.

When it comes to operating any form of transportation, learning to operate the vehicle in a variety of seasonal or weather-related situations is vital.  Learning how to deal with obstacles and hazards is likewise vital.  Having operators that are able to perform their duties and not hampered by drugs or alcohol is the expectation of every person that utilizes these forms of transportation.

Train Operators Have to Be Careful with Leaves on the Tracks

When it comes to leaves in New York and Long Island, there is only so much anyone can do.   The MTA will trim and cut down trees to alleviate the issues in some areas.  There are only so many trees they can cut down and the leaves are not going to go away.

As pedestrians, we have to diligent about where we walk and we have to be aware of the cars, trucks, and buses that are around us.  Don’t try to beat the light by running across a street.  As drivers, we all have to be aware of the road conditions and watch for pedestrians around us.

The MTA and other transportation operators have a major responsibility.  They are responsible for moving millions of people on a daily basis in an environment that seems to be constantly working against them with rain, snow, heat, ice, and leaves.  While it is a major responsibility, it is not insurmountable and the expectation is that when we get on a bus or a train, we will be safe.  No one likes delays, but a delay is preferable to an accident.

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Unfortunately, due to these conditions, accidents do happen.  The issue is what is the underlying cause of the accident.  If you are injured in an accident on a bus or a train, you need the proper representation to ensure that those who are responsible are held accountable.  Call the Law Offices of Marc S. AlbertMarc Albert has represented commuters who have been injured due to transportation accidents throughout his more than 20 years in practice.  Great representation is something you deserve.  Call our office to set up a free consultation.