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Don’t Allow Insurance Companies to Take Advantage of the Current Situation


For the entirety of his 25-year career, Marc S. Albert has prepared each and every case as if it will ultimately go to trial.  While the vast majority of personal injury and medical malpractice cases do settle, Marc has always felt that showing the defendants and their insurance carriers that he is ready to take his cases all the way to a jury verdict often has the desired effect of obtaining maximum compensation for his clients.  Most insurance companies are wary of the potential exposure and expense of a trial.  The omnipresent threat of taking a case to trial gives Marc the leverage he needs.

Personal Injury Cases are at a Stand Still

With the present situation of COVID-19,  the court system is at a standstill.  Conferences, motions, and trials on all civil cases are being adjourned.  Cases are not moving forward as they usually would otherwise.  Insurance companies are doing everything they can to use this slowdown as an opportunity to lower their offers on claims.   In other words, carriers are trying to force settlements below the actual value of the injuries.

The value of a case does not change based on what we all hope will be a short delay due to COVID-19. The value certainly doesn’t change based on insurance company tactics.  Marc remains steadfast in his stated goal of garnering maximum and fair compensation for each and every client irrespective of the difficult times that we all currently face in society and he will continue to fight “tooth and nail” for his clients to that end.

As always, if you have been involved in an accident and you are contacted by an insurance company offering a quick resolution citing COVID-19, you should speak with our law firm before doing anything.  We will not let insurance companies use this uncertain time to their advantage.