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Amusement Park Safety

Personal Injury

The summer months are a great time to enjoy the rollercoasters and other attractions at amusement parks in your area. Whether you go to a large theme park or just enjoy some rides at your local town carnival, it is important to remember that safety comes first.

While rare, amusement park injuries do occur. According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), amusement park guests went on approximately 1.7 billion rides in 2009. During that year, there were 1,086 ride-related injuries, 65 of them considered to be serious in nature. This is certainly a strong safety rate. However, these statistics only account for rides at fixed-site amusement parks such as Disney World or Six Flags. Rides at local carnivals and fairs often can be a bit more dangerous.

When enjoying an amusement park, it is important to keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Read the rules – Follow all restrictions based on height requirements, age requirements, and health issues.
  • Use all safety equipment – Shoulder harnesses, lap bars, and lap belts are provided for your safety. Always use them.
  • Keep your body parts in the ride – Arms and legs that dangle outside of the ride can lead to serious injuries.
  • Be observant – Do not enter a ride that appears to have broken parts, signs of poor maintenance, or an operator who seems to have his mind on something other than the ride.

If you have been injured on an amusement park ride, you may be entitled to receive compensation through a premises liability lawsuit. New York City premises liability attorney Marc Albert has helped many amusement park ride victims receive the compensation they deserve. He will fight aggressively to hold all negligent parties accountable for your damages.

Please contact the Law Offices of Marc S. Albert today to schedule your free amusement park injury consultation. Mr. Albert serves clients throughout the New York City metropolitan area from his offices in Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island.