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Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a car accident, they can be stressful and cause serious injury. But when the accident isn’t your fault, it can cause a whole set of other problems.

But what if you are in an accident during a ride from Uber? According to fellow personal injury attorney Edmond El Dabe, you have rights and can file a lawsuit.

Anytime that you are injured in a car accident that has resulted as the negligence or mistake of another individual, you may have a personal injury case on your hands. Taking a personal injury case to court can help you cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages, or other financial burdens set on you as a result of your injury.

But when it comes to an Uber ride, there are specific rules set in place to protect you, the company, and the driver.

When You’re an Uber Passenger Injured in an Accident

If you are a rider in an Uber car that is involved in an accident, the company’s insurance has a policy to cover your injuries up to a million dollars, whether or not the driver of the Uber vehicle is at fault for the accident. If the driver that causes the accident has insurance that can cover your injuries, you will use their insurance policy instead of Uber’s to cover the cost of your injuries and medical bills. If the driver was using drugs, or if you see drug paraphernalia in his car – like bongs, vaporizers, while operating, you may have a case against the driver.

But Uber also has a policy in place to protect their drivers from being sued. In the event that your injuries or medical bills exceed $1 million, you are not able to sue Uber for more money, even if the accident was the fault of the driver. This policy does not prevent you from going after the driver directly, but suing them may only be a waste of time if they do not have the funds or means to provide you with the kind of compensation you’re looking for.

When You’re a Bystander Injured by an Uber Vehicle

If you were injured by an Uber car that you were not a passenger of – meaning you were either a pedestrian or a rider of another vehicle involved in an accident with an Uber driver – things can get tricky or confusing. The timing of the accident will depend whether or not you are covered under the Uber insurance policy.

If the accident happens while the driver was on a trip, Uber will still cover up to $1 million of your injuries or medical bills. But because Uber drivers are not fully classified as employees of the company and are instead independent contractors, if they were not completing a trip during the time of the accident, they were not technically driving for Uber. In these situations, you would need to deal with the driver’s insurance policy instead of Uber’s.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

If you’ve been injured in an accident where you were not at fault, you may have a personal injury case. The lines can become blurred depending on whether or not you were actually involved in an accident with an Uber driver or if it should be treated as just another driver on the road.

Because of the Uber policy that states you are unable to sue if damages exceed $1 million, you may find that your attempt to file a personal injury claim against the company is blocked. Likewise, you may not be able to sue Uber for personal injury damages if the driver was not completing a trip during the time of the accident. In these situations, you could file a personal injury case against the driver.

Filing a personal injury case allows you to get assistance you need to cover medical bills, treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages, and more. Because the accident was not your fault, you should not be required to foot the bill entirely on your own.

If you’ve been injured during an Uber ride or from an Uber driver in Staten Island, contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss the details of your case today. As professional personal injury attorneys in Staten Island, they can help you gather the information you need to prove your case and get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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